Key services offered include: Research, Evaluation, Coaching and Implementation of findings through a participatory approach to development of resources and future planning.


Based on a strong foundation of training and experience, research skills are applied across a wide range of client situations and needs including: academic peer-reviewed publications, resources for service providers and information for participants and the general public. Areas of expertise include: research in the public health and community sectors and mixed methods (combined qualitative and quantitative) approaches.


Utilising expertise in qualitative and quantitative methods and engaging the specialised expertise of my Associates, I  employ a range methodological approaches to tailor an approach and provide rigorous evidence to answer the important evaluation questions for clients in the health and community sectors.

In addition, through a collaborative partnership with Dr. Chris Skelly, Visual Insights, we provide long-term Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) solutions using a pictures and stories approach.



Tailored coaching in research and evaluation methods is provided to organisations, teams and individuals. The "learning whilst doing" experiential learning approach is used.

In addition, Sam Abbato runs regular public workshops that have a practical focus through the Australasian Evaluation Society.

The focus on end-use of evaluation and research results promotes the application of findings for the direct and future benefit of organisations, communities and clients. Using a community-based participatory approach that continues beyond the evaluation or research report, I facilitate application of findings.