Tailored coaching in research and evaluation methods is provided to organisations, teams and individuals.

In addition, Sam Abbato runs regular public workshops through the Australasian Evaluation Society.


Current workshop topics include:

-What does the evaluator mean? Understanding evaluation reports and applying the findings to policy and practice

-Matching methods to evaluation questions

-Presenting evaluation and research results using pictures and stories

-How to - Focus group discussions

-How to - Surveys

-Data management for quality






Current calendar of events: Seminars and workshops

Previous seminars, workshops, teaching and conference presentations

Public seminars

Australasian Evaluation Society Queensland. Lunchtime Seminar Presentation: "Five foolproof strategies for effective communication of evaluation findings". Brisbane 22 April 2015. (Handout)

With Skelly C, Australasian Evaluation Society, Queensland. Presentation: “Application of GIS and mapping to evaluation”. Brisbane 23 July 2014.


Australasian Evaluation Society, Queensland. Lunchtime Seminar Presentation: “Getting the best results from evaluation statistics by asking the right questions”. Brisbane 25 August 2011.


Australasian Evaluation Society Queensland.Lunchtime Seminar Presentation: “Program Logic: The good, the bad and the completely illogical.” Brisbane 19 November 2009.


Workshops and guest teaching

Australasian Evaluation Society, Annual Conference, Sydney 2011.Full day workshop “Learn conversational statistics: Making evaluation more influential by learning how to reason, think and speak the language of statistics”. 29 August 2011.


University of Queensland, Evaluating Social Programs Course (Semester 1 and 2). Guest Lectures and workshops (face-to-face and online delivery). Tools in evaluation: Program Logic. 12 August 2010.


Faculty of Public Health, Khon Kaen University, Thailand.   A five-part Workshop series on Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods in a workshop on Field Methods. 17-21 May 1999.


School of Health Sciences, Deakin University, Short Course on Social Epidemiology with Ichiro Kawachi.  Workshop presented on the Use of Qualitative methods in Social Epidemiology, 8-12 May 2000.


Indigenous Health Program, University of Queensland. Seminar presented on the role of the researcher in public health interventions in indigenous communities for Honours students of the Indigenous Health Program. 4 May 1999.


Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Faculty of Public Health, Khon Kaen University, Thailand.  Seminar presented on Qualitative analysis for quantitative researchers.  21 January 1999.


Tropical Health Program, University of Queensland.  Seminar presented for Ph.D. students on qualitative analysis. November 1997.


Indigenous Health Program, University of Queensland. Seminar presented on the meaning of diabetes for Melbourne Aborigines. October 1997.


Social and Preventive Medicine.  Seminar presented on Using ethnographic methods to measure risk of diabetes in the Melbourne Aboriginal population. June 1997.


School of Public Health, Berkeley, California.  Lecture in seminar series on Social Epidemiology.  Questionnaire development in epidemiology; A case study- The social epidemiology of diabetes in Melbourne Aborigines. May 1997.


School of Public Health, QUT, Brisbane. Seminar presented on methods of social epidemiology in Master of Public Health subject Social and Behavioural Epidemiology, October 1996.


School of Public Health, QUT, Brisbane. Seminar presented on The Social Epidemiology of Diabetes in Melbourne Aborigines at the Public Health Seminar Series, September 1996.


School of Public Health, University of California at Berkeley. Seminar presented at Epidemiology seminar for MPH students on Epidemiological research across culture: Issues in doing research in the Melbourne Aboriginal population. October 1994.


Previous University teaching positions


Lecturer in Social Science (2 years, 1998-2000) Australian Centre for International and Tropical Health and Nutrition. University of Queensland, Australia.


Lecturer in Epidemiology (1 year, 1997-1998) Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Queensland, Australia.


Tutor in Public Health theory (1 year, 1994) La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.


Teaching assistant in epidemiology (1 year, 1993) University of California at Berkeley, USA.

Conference presentations

Telling stories that stand up: The use of case studies in Evaluation. Australasian Evaluation Conference, Brisbane, September 4-6 2013.


With J Huysman. Prevention through connection: The NEXUS program for reducing suicide amongst young people from refugee backgrounds. Queensland Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention Conference, Brisbane March 30-31 2006.


Why fitness is part of my job criteria: The role of the researcher in community-based interventions.  Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology. April 21-25, Tuscon, Arizona, U.S.A, 1999.


A collaborative approach to epidemiological research: A case study - The social epidemiology of diabetes among Melbourne Aborigines.  Presented at the Annual meeting of the Public Health Association, 13-16 September 1998, Hobart.


Questionnaire development in social epidemiology: Methodological challenges to studying the threat of diabetes in Melbourne Koories.  Paper presented at the 28th annual conference of the Public Health Association of Australia, Perth, October 1996.